ProEco Hose Tail LED Lights - White or Blue
ProEco Hose Tail LED Lights - White or Blue
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Illumination is a very important part of nearly every water feature. Proper lighting can completely change the appearance and enjoyment of a water feature. ProEco's innovative LED lighting products make designing and installing a beautiful and impressive lighting system simple and easy, and LED lighting can provide energy efficiency and low maintenance for many years to come.

The 4 Watt Hose Tail LED Lights are ideal for cored rock and other disappearing water features. It has a removeable / replaceable light ring and a 3/4" hose connection. It has a 15' cable with plug connection with transformer included (12V AC power), and utilizes a 2-pin connection system which can be used with appropriate splitters and/or photocells.

Wattage 4 Watts
Warranty 3 Years
Features Benefits
2 Pin Connection System Can be used with appropriate splitters and photocells
Ideal for Cored Rock and Other Disappearing Water Features
Removable / Replaceable Light Ring