IlluminFx Underwater Manta Ray MR4 Color Changing Light Kit
IlluminFx Underwater Manta Ray MR4 Color Changing Light Kit
E600/S Rio  -  Programmable ControllerJB3-4  -  3-Way Connector
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Create unlimited lighting possibilities with the Rio system from illuminfx. At a touch of a button on the E600 controller, you assume full control - three simultaneous colors can be selected and dynamic scenes created. Full mood design capabilities are at your fingertips, from subtle to sensational.

These complete 6 light kits come with everything you need to set up quickly and easily. Simply plug the Rio Control Center (RCC) box into a 120v outlet and use the Quick Connect (QC) cables to plug in the LED lights. Power on the system and you're ready to enter the world of full SPECTRUM SELECT technology.

Kit Includes:

  • (6) 6 Watt Color Changing LED Lights
  • (3) 3-Way Connector
  • (3) 30' QC Cables
  • (1) RCC  Control Center
  • (1) E600/S Rio Programmable Controller
  • (1) vDesigner Software
Housing 316 Stainless Steel
Trim Ring 316 Stainless Steel
Glass Step-tempered clear glass T=5mm
Loading Capacity Exert force of 1470.5 pounds
Lens Optical lens efficiency >85%
Cable Gland IP68 PG-11 copper and nickel coated
Waterproof Seal Molded shaped silicon seal under front cover
Silicon glue encasing LEDs, lens and PCB
LED TO power type
Driver 3 circuits
Cord 20 feet
Cord Termination Male IP68 Quick-connect
Environment Water temperature of -4oF to 104oF; less than 1 meter depth