Kasco® 3400AF 3/4HP Surface Aerators
Kasco® 3400AF 3/4HP Surface Aerators
Full Line of Kasco® Surface Aerators
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Kasco® AF Series Surface Aerators lead the market with more installations than any other manufacturer. In an independent study by Auburn University, Kasco® Aerators were found to deliver up to 3.0 lbs of oxygen per horsepower per hour of operation, showing them to be some of the most efficient and effective units on the market. They not only aerate water, but also distribute the oxygenated water throughout the pond or lake. Built for dependable, continuous operation, Kasco® Aerators have a proven record in a multitude of applications, ranging from ponds/lakes and commercial aquaculture to salt water and industrial plants.

  • Heavy-duty motor and corrosion resistant design suitable for saltwater
  • Ideal for ponds/tanks with surface area of about 3/4 acre
  • Includes easily replaced protective sacrificial zinc anode
  • Includes two 50' mooring lines and SJTOW underwater rated power cords
  • ETL Listed to UL and CSA safety standards
  • 2 Year Warranty
Kasco® 3400AF Surface Aerators come standard with float. Also available with optional bottom screen (3400AFB Series) or without float (3400A Series).

Item # Cord Length Voltage Phase Amps Minimum Depth
3400A025* 25' 120V 1 6.7 18"
3400AF050 50' 120V 1 6.7 18"
3400AF100 100' 120V 1 6.7 18"
3400AF150 150' 120V 1 6.7 18"
3400AF200 200' 120V 1 6.7 18"
3400HAF050 50' 208-240V 1 3.4 18"
3400HAF100 100' 208-240V 1 3.4 18"
3400HAF150 150' 208-240V 1 3.4 18"
3400HAF200 200' 208-240V 1 3.4 18"
3400HAF250 250' 208-240V 1 3.4 18"
3400HAF300 300' 208-240V 1 3.4 18"
3400HAF400 400' 208-240V 1 3.4 18"
*Only available without float

3400AF050, 3400AF100, 3400AF150, 3400AF200, 3400AF-50, 3400AF-100, 3400AF-150, 3400AF-200, 3400AFB050, 3400AFB100, 3400AFB150, 3400AFB200, 3400AFB-50, 3400AFB-100, 3400AFB-150, 3400AFB-200, 3400A025, 3400A050, 3400A100, 3400A150, 3400A200, 3400A-25, 3400A-50, 3400A-100, 3400A-150, 3400A-200, 3400HAF050, 3400HAF100, 3400HAF150, 3400HAF200, 3400HAF250, 3400HAF300, 3400HAF400, 3400HAF-50, 3400HAF-100, 3400HAF-150, 3400HAF-200, 3400HAF-250, 3400HAF-300, 3400HAF-400, 3400HAFB050, 3400HAFB100, 3400HAFB150, 3400HAFB200, 3400HAFB250, 3400HAFB300, 3400HAFB400, 3400HAFB-50, 3400HAFB-100, 3400HAFB-150, 3400HAFB-200, 3400HAFB-250, 3400HAFB-300, 3400HAFB-400, 3400HA050, 3400HA100, 3400HA150, 3400HA200, 3400HA250, 3400HA300, 3400HA400,