Kasco® Premium Palm Nozzle for J Series Fountains
Kasco® Premium Palm Nozzle for J Series Fountains
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Every Kasco J Series Fountain comes standard with multiple nozzles for multiple spray patterns. For an extra enhancement, however, consider a Kasco Palm Premium Nozzle.  These unique nozzles offer additional options for any 2, 3, 5, or 7.5HP JF Series model (also 1HP in 50Hz models).  These nozzles offer added stunning elegance and beauty and each can be purchased separately. The nozzles are simple to install with just three set screws.  Get everything you want from your fountain by adding a Kasco Premium Nozzle today.

Item # Paired with Height Width
820215K 8400JF or 2.3JF (2 HP) 13' 25'
3.1JF or 3.3JF (3 HP) 15' 28'
820211K 5.1JF or 5.3JF (5 HP) 18' 30'
820311K 7.3JF (7.5 HP) 20' 34'
820215 820211 820311 820215K 820211K 820311K