Kasco® LED Puck Light Kits for xStream Fountains
Kasco® LED Puck Light Kits for xStream Fountains
Shown Installed on xStream Fountain
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Extend the enjoyment of your Kasco® xStream Fountain into the evening hours with Kasco® LED Puck Light Kits! These puck light sets are designed to nest into the float of the xStream Fountains, utilizing eight super-efficient low-voltage LED lights that have a life expectancy over 50,000 hours. The complete kit includes:
  • Set of 8 puck lights
  • Power cord (Various sizes available)
  • Junction box
These sets come standard in white.

Item # Cord Length # of Fixtures Fixture Wattage
LED8012W050 50' 8 7 Watts
LED8012W100 100' 8 7 Watts
LED8012W150 150' 8 7 Watts
LED8012W200 200' 8 7 Watts
LED8012A050 LED8012A100 LED8012A150 LED8012A200 LED8012B050 LED8012B100 LED8012B150 LED8012B200 LED8012G050 LED8012G100 LED8012G150 LED8012G200 LED8012R050 LED8012R100 LED8012R150 LED8012R200 LED8012W050 LED8012W100 LED8012W150 LED8012W200