KoiExerciser System from GC Tek
KoiExerciser System from GC Tek
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You take your dog out for a walk. Why don't you take your Koi out for a swim?

The Problem
Koi can lose their shape in a pond, developing large bellies. Since carp 
are a river fish rather than a pond fish they are happiest in an environment that can offer them some current to swim and play in. Show Koi especially need exercise to retain their shape, since the first consideration of a judge is the shape of the Koi. 

The Solution
Simulate a river for your Koi! The KoiExerciser comes complete with a 2 speed pump, exerciser 
manifold and timer. It can be set up to turn on once or twice per day for exercise intervals. Once they are used to the KoiExerciser, Koi will actually line up to swim against the current before the pump comes on!

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