Laguna Planting Baskets
Laguna Planting Baskets
Small Round Basket (PT960)Large Round Basket (PT961)Small Square Basket (PT965)Large Square Basket (PT966)Contour Basket (PT968)
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Laguna Planting Baskets are an easy and convenient way to put plants in ponds. Their lattice design allows the free flow of water so that plants receive abundant water supply, and it helps prevent the compaction of roots. They also perform practical functions, such as provide shelter and shade for fish, help keep the water’s biological balance, and attract insects for fish to eat.

  • Made of sturdy plastic material, baskets are tough enough to be placed at the bottom of ponds.
  • All baskets include convenient handles for easy grasping.
Item # Description
PT960 Round Basket - 8" Diameter x 5" Height
PT961 Round Basket - 10" Diameter x 7.5" Height
PT965 Square Basket - 10" x 10" x 6" Height
PT966 Square Basket - 11.4" x 11.4" x 8.3" Height
PT968 Contour Basket - 18" x 7" x 6"