Laguna Mechanical/Biological Filter Pads
Laguna Mechanical/Biological Filter Pads
Coarse Filter Pad (PT1775)Medium Filter Pad (PT1776)
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Laguna Mechanical/Biological Coarse Pads are exclusively designed and made in Japan by world-renowned Koi experts. Only the best quality material are used to ensure the best filtering results for your pond water. The densely-packed and intricately-woven material is extremely effective at filtering out particulate waste. For best results, always place the Coarse Pad (PT1775) first against the water flow, followed by the Medium (PT1776) and Fine (PT1777).
  • Fits PowerFlo Filter Falls 5000 & Skimmer Filter 5000
  • Dimensions: 17" x 14" x 14.5"
Item # Density Thickness
PT1775 Coarse 1.1875"
PT1776 Medium 1.5"