Laguna Pressure-Flo Clean Pressure Filters
Laguna Pressure-Flo Clean Pressure Filters
Pressure-Flo Clean 700 (PT1686)Pressure-Flo Clean 1400 (PT1687)Pressure-Flo Clean 2100 (PT1688)Pressure-Flo Clean 3200 (PT1689)
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Laguna Pressure-Flo Clean Filters are pressurized filtering systems that keep pond water clean and healthy. The high performance filters provide important water filtration functions that are essential for everyday pond maintenance. Filter includes a mechanical filtration stage, consisting of foam filters that intercept and trap dirt and debris, and a biological filtration stage, consisting of Bio Lava filter media. A revolutionary Backwash Cleaning System completely cleans the entire surface of the foam filters. This patent-pending system cleans easily and comfortably in just a few minutes -- without opening the lid! Optimizes performance and prolongs the time between full maintenance sessions.
  • Easy-view cleaning indicator signals when it’s time to perform backwash cleaning
  • Designed to work in tandem with solids-handling pump (such as Max-Flo pump)
  • Unit can be installed in or above ground.
Item # Description Maximum
Pond Size
Pump Pairing
PT1686 Pressure-Flo Clean 700 700 Gallons Max-Flo 600 2.6 Gallons 11.2" Diameter x 13.7" H
PT1687 Pressure-Flo Clean 1400 1400 Gallons Max-Flo 960 4.6 Gllons 11.2" Diameter x 20" H
PT1688 Pressure-Flo Clean 2100 2100 Gallons Max-Flo 1350 8.2 Gallons 14.3" Diameter x 20.6" H
PT1689 Pressure-Flo Clean 3200 3200 Gallons Max-Flo 1350 8.2 Gallons 14.3" Diameter x 20.6" H

Power Specifications 115V, 60Hz