Little Giant® F Series Energy-Efficient Wet Rotor Pumps
Little Giant® F Series Energy-Efficient Wet Rotor Pumps
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Little Giant® F Series Wet Rotor Pumps are designed with multi-purpose flexibility right into the pump, while their wet rotor technology makes them energy-efficient. They can be used submerged or externally and can be mounted vertically or horizontally. With MNPT threads and fittings built in, attaching fittings is a breeze! The included pre-filter makes these pumps built for flexibility and durability in any decorative water application.
  • Constructed without mechanical seal or oil -- safer for fish and plants!
  • Screw attachment to hold screen in place
  • Rope/cable loop for deep installation retrieval
  • Modular screen ability
  • UL Listed
  • 2 Year Warranty
Item # Model Max
Watts Amps Fittings
566724 F10-1200 1295gph 22' 157 1.3 1.5" 20'
566725 F20-2700 2770gph 14.9' 147 1.25 1.5" 20'
566726 F30-4000 4060gph 18.8' 215 1.82 2" 20'
566727 F40-5500 5540gph 21.3' 360 3.0 2" 20'
566728 F50-5000 5020gph 28.5' 413 3.6 2" 20'
566729 F70-7300 7365gph 28' 660 5.5 2" 40'

Power Cord (All Models except F70-7300) 20 Feet
Power Cord (F70-7300 Model) 40 Feet
Features Benefits
Versatile Design Can be used vertically or horizontally, submersible or external
Included Pre-Filter Durable, flexible operation
Rope/Cable Loop Makes retrieval from deep installation easy
No Mechanical Seal or Oil Oil-free design is safe for all aquatic life