Little Giant® Multi Color LED Lighting
Little Giant® Multi Color LED Lighting
LED-L  -  LED LightLED-K  -  LED Light with Transformer
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Little Giant® LED lighting is the newest and most energy efficient way to bring out the dramatic beauty of your water. With a variety of options, you have long-lasting lighting for any decorative water. Color options abound to sculpt the water and landscape with light.

LED-K Lighting
Energy-efficient LED fixtures consume only 3 Watts per lamp and last up to 10 years. Up to 18 lights can be run on one transformer. Eleven pre-programmed settings are triggered with the built-in circuitry. Install them in or out of the water using the included mounting hardware.

  • Can be used fully submerged or out-of-pond
  • 11 pre-programmed lighting options and special effects
  • Delivers approximately 30,000 hours of light
  • Includes mounting hardware
Item # Model # of Lights Transformer Included Total Wattage
566225 LED-L 1 N/A (Required) 3 Watts
566226 LED-K 1 60 Watts 3 Watts
Franklin Electric
Wattage 3 Watts
Lamp Type MR-16
Power Type 12 VAC
Color Multi
Dimensions 3" Diameter
Power Cord 20 Feet