Little Giant® Halogen LVL Lighting
Little Giant® Halogen LVL Lighting
LVL-PW LIGHT  -  Halogen LightLVLT-PW KIT  -  Halogen Light with TransformerInstalled using blue lensInstalled using green lensInstalled using red lensInstalled using yellow lens
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Little Giant® halogen lighting offers great versatility for adding nighttime beauty to any water feature, ponds, fountains, and landscaping. They will handle the smallest requirements up to the largest fountains, and all come standard with four color lens which deliver a beautiful rainbow of colors.

Halogen LVL Lighting
These bright 20 Watt halogen lamps last about 3000 hours. Up to three lights can run on one transformer, which has a built-in timer. Colored lenses create a variety of hues. Install them in or out of the water using the included mounting hardware.

  • Can be used fully submerged or out-of-pond
  • Includes 4 colored lenses and fountain nozzle mounting brackets
Item # Model # of Lights Transformer Included Total Wattage
566527 LVL-PW LIGHT 1 N/A (Required) 20 Watts
566526 LVLT-PW KIT 1 60 Watts 20 Watts
Franklin Electric
Wattage 20 Watts
Lamp Type MR-16
Power Type 12 VAC
Color Multi
Dimensions 3" Diameter
Power Cord 20 Feet