Little Giant® Pond Skimmers
Little Giant® Pond Skimmers
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Little Giant® Pond Skimmers are engineered to encourage balanced ecosystems in new or existing ponds. These durable skimmers improve surface cleaning with an easy flow-through design that both simplifies installation and minimizes maintenance. These units produce natural flowing waterfalls with all plumbing hidden.
  • Two stages of filtration
  • Inlet screen prevents aquatic life from entering skimmer
  • Lockable skimmer door for easier maintenance
  • Circular design for maximum strength
  • Plumb from either side
  • 1 Year Warranty
Item # Model Max Flow Max Pond Size Dimensions
14940171 SK5 5000gph 5000 gallons 23.25" x 25.9" x 20.0"
14940172 SK10 10000gph 10000 gallons 23.25" x 31.4" x 23.9"
Franklin Electric
Features Benefits
Inlet Screen Prevents aquatic life from entering unit
Circular, Ribbed Design Maximum strength
Lockable Skimmer Door Easier maintenance
Plumb From Either Side