Little Giant® Replacement Ultraviolet Lamps (Bulbs)
Little Giant® Replacement Ultraviolet Lamps (Bulbs)
517427/UVC9RB  -  9 Watt Replacement Lamp517428/UVC18RB  -  18 Watt Replacement Lamp517429/UVC36RB  -  36 Watt Replacement Lamp
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Little Giant® Replacement Lamps (Bulbs) fit Little Giant® Ultraviolet Clarifiers. Ultraviolet lamps are the most effective way to kill the algae that cause green water.

Item # Model Description Fits Clarifier Model
517427 UVC9RB Replacement 9 Watt UV Lamp 517424 UVC9
517428 UVC18RB Replacement 18 Watt UV Lamp 517425 UVC18
517429 UVC36RB Replacement 36 Watt UV Lamp 517426 UVC36

Franklin Electric UVC-9 UVC-18 UVC-36