Loki Tangle-Less™ Pond Utility Nets
Loki Tangle-Less™ Pond Utility Nets
Monorail™ Mesh-Guard System
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No other nets on the market perform like the Loki Tangle-Less™ Utility Net. It's the ultimate net for safely handling Koi and other small fish. The secret behind this net is the super-strong coating that gives the bag more body to prevent tangling. The shallow, wide, flat bottom helps fish lie flat for easy handling.
  • 4' diamond-embossed aluminum handles
  • Foam hand grip
Model # Bow Size Handle Net
WGTL-BD-1-4 16" x 16" 4' 1/4" Ace, 4" Deep, Tangle-Less™ treated

Features Benefits
Monorail™ Mesh-Guard System Prevents netting abrasion from holding tanks, rocks, sand, concrete
Knotless Netting Reduces abrasion to fish and is more durable
Round, Stainless Steel Screws Safer for fish, with no sharp edges
U.S. Made in Knoxville, TN