Matala KoiClear V-105 Vortex Filter - Versatile, Modular Filtration
Matala KoiClear V-105 Vortex Filter - Versatile, Modular Filtration
Ships without Bulkheads or FittingsSpecificationsShown with Bulkheads (NOT Included)Shown with Stand (Bulkheads and Ball Valves NOT Included)
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The Matala KoiClear V-105 is an outstanding choice in premium Koi filtration. Versatile and modular in application, this state-of-the-art progressive filter boasts high free volume and easy transport / installation.

KoiClear filter comes without bulkheads or other fittings (see primary product image).

Photo below shows typical setup (requires separate purchase of bulkheads and ball valves).

Top -- Water outlet, feeding clean water back into your pond. 

Middle -- Water inlet, bringing dirty pond water into the filter for filtration

Bottom -- Drain for filter cleaning

Easy to Maintain
The KoiClear utilizes an active, self-cleaning vortex flow below and through the filter media. Not only that, but it is very resistant to clogging, so there is no frequent need for cleaning like many other filters. Since the filtration happens from bottom-to-top, rinsing is very effective from top-to-bottom.

Simple to Install
Despite its large size, KoiClear filters are transport-friendly, as they are fully stackable. They do not include any tank fittings and no holes are pre-drilled -- this allows you to install your own bulkhead fittings in whatever size and location best suits your unique application. We recommend using standard long-shaft 2" or 3" bulkhead fittings. The sloped square bottom of the KoiClear makes below-grade placement easy, and an optional stand provides stability for above-ground installation.

Durable Construction
This large filter is made from strong black HDPE plastic with a reinforced lid.   You can use it with your own bio filter media or with round Matala filter media and/or brushes. 

Pond Size 3000-6000 Gallons
Max Pump Size 4000gph
Water Capacity 150 Gallons
Dimensions 42" Diameter x 40" H
Inside Diameter (Top) 40"
Inside Diameter (Bottom) 33"