Medo® LA Series Koi Pond Air Pumps - Sizes from 28-120Lpm
Medo® LA Series Koi Pond Air Pumps - Sizes from 28-120Lpm
LA-28B or LA-45BDimensions of LA-28BFlow Chart for LA-28BDimensions of LA-45BFlow Chart for LA-45BLA-60BDimensions of LA-60BFlow Chart for LA-60BLA-80BDimensions of LA-80BFlow Chart for LA-80BLA-100 or LA-120Dimensions of LA-100Flow Chart for LA-100Dimensions of LA-120Flow Chart for LA-120
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Medo® LA Series Air Pumps are ideal for aeration in pond and aquaculture applications, boasting an energy-conscious design, quiet operation and a life expectancy of 6 years (when properly installed and maintained). LA Series air pumps are designed to self-adjust should pressure exceed the rated value, automatically shortening the piston stroke to reduce the strain on the pump and simultaneously lower energy usage to protect against possible increasing temperatures.
  • Highly reliable die cast piston construction and 5' grounded power cord
  • Requires only 50-60% of the line current typically used by diaphragm air pumps
  • Service life expectancy of 6 years (with proper installation and maintenance
  • UL Listed for outdoor use
  • 3 year warranty
Model LA-28B LA-45B LA-60B LA-80B LA-100 LA-120
AC Power Supply 120V/220/230/240V 120V 120/220/230/240V
Rated Frequency 60 Hz
Rated Pressure 1.56psi 2.13psi 2.56psi
Rated Airflow 28Lpm 45Lpm 60Lpm 80Lpm 100Lpm 120Lpm
Power Usage 25W 45W 60W 86W 95W 118W
Running Current 0.8A 1.0A 1.2-1.4A 1.7A 2.4A
Max Depth 6' 8' 9'
Outlet Size 5/8" 3/4" 1"
Weight 2.8kg 3.0kg 5.3kg 9.4kg