Microbe-Lift® Concentrated Barley Straw Extract
Microbe-Lift® Concentrated Barley Straw Extract
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Get the same powerful algae deterrent power of barley straw without the mess or unsightly residue! Microbe-Lift® Concentrated Barley Straw Extract is an environmentally responsible, cost-efficient pond conditioner that provides a clean, easy and organic approach to a healthy pond environment.
  • One capful is equal to multiple barley straw bales -- without the mess
  • Goes to work on contact with immediate decomposition
  • Especially helpful where bottom drains are present
  • Safe for fish, plants, humans and pets!
  • Can be used year-round
Application Rates
Pond Size
0 - 500 2oz 0.5oz 0.75oz
501 - 1000 3oz 0.75oz 1.25oz
1001 - 1500 4oz 1oz 1.5oz
1501 - 2000 6oz 1.25oz 1.75oz
2001 - 3000 8oz 1.5oz 2.25oz
3001 - 4000 10oz 2oz 3oz
4001 - 5000 12oz 2.5oz 3.5oz
5001 - 6000 16oz 3oz 4oz
6001 - 7000 20oz 3.5oz 4.5oz
7001 - 8000 24oz 5oz 6oz
8001 - 10,000 32oz 6oz 8oz
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