Microbe-Lift® Large Fountain Clear
Microbe-Lift® Large Fountain Clear
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Microbe-Lift® Large Fountain Clear is specially formulated to keep fountain water clean & clear in larger water fountains and indoor/outdoor waterfalls. This product uses two unique, proprietary technologies to prevent organic contaminants such as scale deposits or iron, copper and hard water stains. One prevents the buildup of stains and mineral deposits and another uses bio-enzymatic activity to keep water clear and free from organic debris that turn water cloudy.
  • Will help ensure sparkling water that keeps filters and pumps free from organic debris
  • Safe for birds, fish, humans, pets, wildlife, aquatics plants and lawns
  • Buidegradable, nontoxic and all-natural
10LFC16 EML037 ML10LFC16 Microbe Lift MicrobeLift