Microbe-Lift® Bloom & Grow™ Nourish 16oz
Microbe-Lift® Bloom & Grow™ Nourish 16oz
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Microbe-Lift® Bloom & Grown™ Nourish is a breakthrough in carbon source technology that provides cutting-edge developments in microbiology microphysics! Bloom & Grow™ Nourish contains combinations of naturally-occurring microorganisms that share key traits for plant enhancement. The photosynthetic organisms inhabit the root and vascular systems of the plant, helping it to modify, retain and transport nutrients. This is especially important when plants are removed from the environment where they are grown. Bloom & Grow™ Nourish enhances nutrient availability, enhances substrate and contributes to enhanced microbial activity and the overall biochemical processes.
  • Contains high quality peat extract, humic, and fulvic acids
  • Helps nutrients like iron and nitrogen become more available to plant life
  • Contains a blend of naturally-occurring vegetative and spor-forming microorganisms
  • Maintains both the appearance and health of plants
Each ounce treats up to 300 gallons.

Keep out of reach of children.
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