Microbe-Lift® TAC - Powerful Dry Beneficia Bacteria Blend
Microbe-Lift® TAC - Powerful Dry Beneficia Bacteria Blend
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Microbe-Lift® TAC is a powerful, dry beneficial bacteria blend with 100% active ingredients -- no fillers! While Microbe-Lift® has not been been able to replicate the effectiveness of their liquid PL in a dry form, this formulation of dry bacteria works to clarify the pond. It also the following supplemental ingredients:

  • Powdered activated carbon acts as a detoxifier and a catalyst for bacteria growth
  • Sodium bicarbonate (a pH buffer) stabilizes pH 
  • Sea salt helps induce a protective slime layer on fish

Application Rates

SKU Size Treatment Potential
MLXTAC8 8oz 80-250 gallons for 28 weeks
MLXTAC16 16oz 250-500 gallons for 16 weeks
MLXTAC3 3lb 500-750 gallons for 32 weeks
MLXTAC5 5lb 750-2,000 gallons for 20 weeks
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