AquaFinn MinnFinn™ Mini by AquaSolver - Broad-Spectrum Treatment for Koi and Goldfish Diseases and Health Problems
AquaFinn MinnFinn™ Mini by AquaSolver - Broad-Spectrum Treatment for Koi and Goldfish Diseases and Health Problems
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Aquafinn MinnFinn™ Mini by AquaSolver is a broad spectrum treatment for Koi and Goldfish diseases and health problems. MinnFinn™ Mini is the same as regular strength MinnFinn™, but is packaged and priced as a smaller quantity that is perfect for aquarium enthusiasts or for a quick, one-hour quarantine of new fish prior to introducing them into your healthy pond. One box of MinnFinn™ Mini treats up to 220 gallons of water when treating freshwater tropical fish, or 110 gallons of water when treating goldfish and koi.

Why MinnFinn™?
Most pond fish medications target a specific desease. The difficult part is properly pin-pointing the need. MinnFinn gives a solid performance in fighting a wide range of problems. MinnFinn™ is a simple-to-use, effective treatment for most parasites, fungi and bacteria, yet does not have toxicity that will harm humans, the fish or the environment. MinnFinn™ is based on disinfection techology used in the healthcare, medical and biotech industries, and it is the most effective treatment on the market for many situations. The active ingredients are hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid and other natually-occuring, fish-safe ingredients, and is even safe to use as a prophylactic (preventative). Not approved for use in fish raised for food.

MinnFinn™ is Effective For:

  • Control of protozoal parasites: e.g. Trichodina or Chilodonella in one (1) treatment, Costia in two to three (2-3) treatments.
  • Control of Flukes in two to three (2-3) treatments
  • Control of Ich in three to five (3-5) treatments (Each case of Ich is unique and must be evaluated during treatment)
  • Control of external bacterial infections: e.g. Columnaris, Mouth Rot and Fin Rot in one to three (1-3) treatments
  • Controls of fungus in one to three (1-3) treatments
  • Control of Anchor worm and line in two to three (2-3) treatments
Features Benefits
Broadest Spectrum Product on the Market Treats parasitic, bacterial and fungal infections
Easy to Use Treatment time takes only 1 hour
Easily Neutralized No water changes needed after treatment, saving time and money
Environmentally Safe Breaks down into water, oxygen and carbon dioxide, increasing dissolved oxygen
Non-Toxic and Non-Carcinogenic Doesn't contain harmful malachite green and formalin like other products