Oase AquaMax Eco Premium Pond Pumps
Oase AquaMax Eco Premium Pond Pumps
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Oase AquaMax Eco Premium Pond Pumps are energy-efficient asynchronous pumps, capable of reducing your energy usage by as much as 40% over previous AquaMax models, all while performing under demanding conditions. Dual inlets with adjustable flow controls makes it easy to increase circulation and eliminate stagnant spots.
  • Environmental Function Control shuts pump off in case of dry run or blockage
  • Frost protection down to -4 degrees Fahrenheit

Model AquaMax Eco
Premium 2000
AquaMax Eco
Premium 3000
AquaMax Eco
Premium 4000
Item # 57499 57500 57501
Usage Dry or Submersible
Max Flow Rate 2000gph 3000gph 4000gph
Max Pump Head 10' 1' 13'
Wattage 65 110 150
Connections 1", 1.25", 1.5", 2" and Schedule 40
Dimensions 13.5" x 11" x 6.5"
Power Cord 20'
Warranty 3 Years