Oase FiltoClear Pond Kits
Oase FiltoClear Pond Kits
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Oase FiltoClear Pond Kits include everything you will need to build a beautiful fish pond except for water and rocks. Oase Filtoclear Pond Kits offer unmatched filtration, extremely low energy use and easy maintenance. Each kit includes a FiltoClear Pressure Filter, AquaMax Eco Classic Pond Pump, liner, underlayment, spiral tubing, CrystalClear Vanish Dechlorinator, CrystalClear Biological Clarifier Plus and Rockin' Foam.

Oase FiltoClear Pressure Filters are compact all-in-one pond filtration systems with the fastest and most convenient cleaning mechanisms on the market. These pressurized filters give all the necessary components to sustain life in your backyard pond or keep water clean in a water feature!
Oase AquaMax Eco Classic Pond Pumps are energy-efficient pumps, capable of reducing your energy usage by as much as 40% over previous AquaMax models. This durable pump can handle solid particles as large as 3/8", and performs well in systems with large biological load (plants and fish). Built-in thermal overload protection keeps pump from overheating, extending pump life and limiting necessary maintenance.

Item # OFK11 OFK12 OFK21 OFK22 OFK31
Pond Size
6' x 11'
2' Deep
8' x 11'
2' Deep
11' x 11'
2' Deep
11' x 16'
2' Deep
16' x 16'
2' Deep
Included Filter FiltoClear 3000 FiltoClear 4000
Included Pump AquaMax
Eco Classic 1900
Eco Classic 2700
Eco Classic 3600
Firestone Liner 10' x 15' 12' x 15' 15' x 15' 15' x 20' 20' x 20'
Underlayment 10' x 15' 12' x 15' 15' x 15' 15' x 20' 20' x 20'
Spiral Tubing 1.5" Diameter x 35' Length
Waterfall Foam (2) 20oz cans of Rockin' Foam Black Waterfall Foam