Oase LunAqua Classic LED 3-Light Set
Oase LunAqua Classic LED 3-Light Set
LunAqua Classic LED Light illuminating a pondLunAqua Classic LED Light concealed in landscape
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The Oase LunAqua Classic LED 3-Light Set comes complete with everything you need to create an impactful nighttime focal point with your yard, garden or pond. Great for illuminating fountains, ponds, waterfalls, gardens and landscapes! The Classic LED 3-Light set works right out of the box. Includes 3 LED lights with a 7' power cord, a 12V transformer, and a 3-way splitter. 
  • Up-lighting is a fantastic way to highlight areas of your pond
  • Can be placed above or below water level, or entirely underwater
  • Each light has an adjustable head for changing the beam angle
  • Compact size makes it easy to hide lights amongs rocks or foliage
  • Displays warm natural light (Not harsh white light)
Model LunAqua Classic LED 3-Light Set
Item # 56453
UPC Code 706759564533
Light Output 93 Lumens (3 x 31 Lumens)
Operating Voltage 12V AC (110V/60Hz for Transformer)
Power Consumption 3 Watts (3 x 1 Watt)
Beam Angle 20 Degrees
Power Cord Length 7'
Dimensions 3" Diameter x 4.5" Tall
Net Weight 6.8 lb
Warranty 2 Years