Oase 1" Fountain Nozzles - Frothy, Lava & Vulkan Nozzles
Oase 1" Fountain Nozzles - Frothy, Lava & Vulkan Nozzles
Lava 36-10K Nozzle (#55881)Lava 36-10K Nozzle (#55881)Vulkan 37-2.5K Nozzle (#55882)Vulkan 37-2.5K Nozzle (#55882)Frothe 35-10E Nozzle (#53224)Frothe 35-10E Nozzle (#53224)Frothe 35-10E Nozzle (#53224)Nozzle Extension (#53227)
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These Oase 1" nozzles fit the Oase PondJet Floating Fountain, Oase Neptun fountain pumps, and a variety of pond fountains with 1" threaded nozzle fittings.

Nozzle Options
The Lava 36-10K nozzle produces a beautiful pattern suitable for more formal settings in low-wind areas. In areas with high wind, the thin water sheet can be disturbed. The Vulkan 37-2.5K nozzle produces a beautiful and elegant 3-tier spray pattern. The Frothy 35-10E nozzle is a foaming nozzle unaffected by fluctuations in water level. By mixing air and water, the pattern appears thick and high-volume. 

Model Lava 36-10K Vulkan 37-2.5K Frothy 35-10E
Item # 55881 55882 53224
Spray Pattern
Neptun 1600
3' Wide 4' Wide x 6' High 3' High
Spray Pattern
Neptun 2600
3' Wide 6' Wide x 9' High 4' High
Connection 1" Threaded
Dimensions N/A 2.4" Diameter x 6.3" H
Warranty 1 Year

Extension Tube
In order to get the optimal display from a fountain nozzle, the height of the nozzle above the water surface is important. This nozzle extension allows adjustment of nozzle height from 11-20" above the pump. Both ends of the extension tube are 1", so they can be used with any 1" threaded nozzle. Protected by a 1 Year Warranty.