Oase Pond Pumps - Available from 280gph to 575gph
Oase Pond Pumps - Available from 280gph to 575gph
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Oase Pond Pumps are quiet, discreet and effective in creating efficient water movements in multiple pond zones. They create water circulation throughout the pond, enabling aeration that nurtures beautiful water gardens and healthy aquatic life. Moving water also guards against mosquito reproduction and algae growth.
  • Epoxy encapsulation allows for full submergence
  • Adjustable flow rate gives you more control over your fountain
  • Compact design fits into existing fountains and water features
  • Easy access to moving parts without needing to use tools
  • Grounding plate protects against electric shock hazard
Item # 45418 45419 45420
Flow Rate 280gph 420gph 575gph
Max Head 7.8' 11.5' 13.5'
Wattage 27W 42W 68W
Voltage 110-120V/60Hz
Tubing Connectors 3/4"
Usage Submersible Only
Dimensions 5.8" x 4" x 6.4" 5.8" x 4" x 6.5"
Power Cord 16'
Warranty 2 Years

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