Practical Garden Ponds Choice: BEST Dual-Motor Pond Vacuum
Practical Garden Ponds Choice: BEST Dual-Motor Pond Vacuum
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This pond vacuum uses a dedicated wastewater pump to drain the water while the vacuum is still filling up -- for continuous suction without interruption! Also includes an extensive nozzle package.

features a dedicated drainage pump that runs simultaneously with the suction pump, allowing for continuous suction and non-stop vacuuming! It boasts a suction depth of 7.5' while only using 1800 Watts. Large 6" wheels with quiet tires ensure stable movement and noise reduction. A regulator on the handle allows you to adjust the suction power based on water depths. Aluminum suction tubes, along with a transparent suction tube, permit precise and convenient vacuuming. The outlet hose features a plastic quick connect fitting for a reliable, watertight seal and easy removal for storage.


  • 5 nozzles: Adjustable floor, string algae, wide area, crevice, and wet suction
  • 4 robust aluminum suction tubes and 1 transparent suction tube
  • 16' suction hose and 32.8' discharge hose with quick connect fitting
  • Debris collection pre-filter bag (for disposal or garden fertilization)
Maximum Suction Depth 7.5 Feet
Maximum Suction Flow Rate 2100gph
Power Consumption 1800 Watts
Power Requirements 120V, 60Hz
Intake Connection 1.5" Threaded
Suction Hose Length 16 Feet
Discharge Hose Length 32.8 Feet
Power Cord Length 25 Feet
Dimensions 17.2" x 16.7" x 28.2" H
Weight 53.6lb
Warranty 2 years (1 additional year with product registration)