PoliGlassBead XStream Polishing Filters from GCTek
PoliGlassBead XStream Polishing Filters from GCTek
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The PoliGlassBead XStream polishing filters are specifically designed for extreme conditions where extra polishing is required -- runoff from flooding, fish spawning, and other extraneous conditions. This filter is designed for pond keepers who want a pond so clear that you can see whether a coin is heads or tails at 6' depth.

Two Kinds of Filter Media
The PoliGlassBead XStream filter uses two types of media, separating it from other filters of this type. Water passes through a layer of AlphaBio2 media where large particles are separated and held in place, while finer particles are removed by a thick layer of PoliGlassBeads. This prevents the need for frequent backwashing. PoliGlassBeads don't clog and stick together, because they are true glass beads instead of crushed glass (which is used in comparable filters).

Additional Features:
  • 2 HP Media Agitator for use in backwashing cycles
  • Extra-large 8" clear lid for easy viewing inside filter
  • 58 PSI rated tank
  • 2" unionized ports
  • Clear Water Guarantee - if your water isn't clear when used as directed, we'll buy it back! 
Note: The PoliGlassBead XStream polishing filter is not intended for use as a standalone filter and must be used in conjunction with a primary filter.
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Model Max Pond Size Dimensions
(Tank Only)
(With Multiport Valves)
PoliGlassBead5K 5,000 Gallons 21" x 32"H 33" x 21" x 32"H
PoliGlassBead10K 10,000 Gallons 24.75" x 34"H 36.75" x 24.75" x 34"H
PoliGlassBead17K 17,000 Gallons 30.5" x 36.75"H 42.5" x 30.5" x 36.75"H
PoliGlassBead30K 30,000 Gallons 36.875" x 42"H 49" x 36.875" x 42"H

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Tank Pressure Rating 58 PSI
Ports 2" Unionized
Viewing Port 8"