Pond Boss® Pond Skins® PVC Pond Liner
Pond Boss® Pond Skins® PVC Pond Liner
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Pond Boss® Pond Skins® PVC Pond Liner is reinforced with a sturdy, but lightweight mesh weave. It is easily manipulated and manageable in all temperatures. Its textured surface promotes beneficial bacteria growth, making it safe for fish and plants. The liner is made of 14.5 mil PVC and is puncture- and UV-resistant. This quality liner is critical for the adequate development and dependability of a pond and its components. 20 year limited warranty.

Model # Liner Size Approximate
Pond Volume
Pond Dimensions
PVC7X10 7' x 10' 200 Gallons 3.5' x 6.5' x 1.5' Deep
PVC10X13 10' x 13' 400 Gallons 6' x 9' x 1.5' Deep
PVC13X20 13' x 20' 1200 Gallons 9.5' x 16.5' x 1.5' Deep