PondBuilder Formal Falls - Stainless Steel Waterfall Weirs
PondBuilder Formal Falls - Stainless Steel Waterfall Weirs
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PondBuilder Stainless Steel Formal Falls have been designed to work with most every block wall, to add a sheer waterfall in any landscape. The stainless steel FormalFalls has a sealed top, allowing multiple layers of block to be stacked on the unit.
  • The pie-shaped Mini Formal Falls can be used to bend water around corners (when multiple units used in succession)
  • Stainless steel construction with sealed top to support stacked block
  • Self-draining weir has no need to be winterized
  • Can be used with mortar
  • Manufactured in the USA
Size Mini Small Medium Large
Item # PB1878 PB1779 PB1793 PB1816
Suggested Flow (gph) 700-1200 1600-2400 2800-4200 4000-6000
Dimensions (inches) 8x8x4.25 16x8x3.5 28x8x3.5 40x8x3.5
Threaded Inlet(s) 1" 1" Two 1" Inlets Three 1" Inlets