Pondmaster® CPF Series Pressurized Filters
Pondmaster® CPF Series Pressurized Filters
CPF 250 & CPF 500 ModelsCPF 1000 ModelCPF 2000 Model
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Pondmaster® CPF Series Pressurized Filters are ideal filtering systems for small to medium ponds and water features. They have been designed to reduce required maintenance while establishing a healthy environment for fish and aquatic plants. This integrated system can be conveniently located in or near a pond or patio container. The integrated UV clarifier (select models) help clear ponds of green water algae.
  • Reusable filter media promotes beneficial bacteria growth and a healthy pond
  • Heavy duty ABS plastic body can be buried for inconspicuous operation
Item # Model Capacity Maximum
Pump Size
05410 CPF 250 250 Gallons 500gph 3/4" 9" Dia x 17"H
05425 CPF 500 + 13W UV 500 Gallons 950gph 3/4" 9" Dia x 17"H
05430 CPF 1000 1000 Gallons 1200gph 3/4" 9" Dia x 19"H
05440* CPF 2000 2000 Gallons 1800gph 1" 11.5" Dia x 21"H
05445* CPF 2000 + 13W UV 2000 Gallons 1800gph 1" 11.5" Dia x 21"H
*Includes universal barb inlet/outlet fittings
SUP05410 SUP05415 SUP05420 SUP05425 SUP05430 SUP05435 SUP05440 SUP05445 SU05410 SU05415 SU05420 SU05425 SU05430 SU05435 SU05440 SU05445 Danner Supreme
Features Benefits
Detachable Hose Allows quick shutoff and easy disconnection for faster, easier maintenance
Larger Capacity Housing and Reusable Filter Media Maintains a healthy environment for your pond fish and aquatic plants
High Surface Area Biological Media Promotes beneficial bacteria growth -- never needs replacing!
Reusable Foam Filter Pad Provides effective mechanical filtration
Integrated UV Clarifier (Select Models) Reduces free-floating algae that cause green pond water
Heavy Duty Weather Resistant ABS Plastic Housing Can be buried for hidden installation
Works Best Paired with Pondmaster® Magnetic Drive Pumps