Pondmaster® Clearguard™ Pressurized Pond Filters
Pondmaster® Clearguard™ Pressurized Pond Filters
CG2700 and CGUV2700 Models - 2700gph FiltersCG5500 and CGUV5500 Models - 5500gph FiltersCG8000 and CGUV8000 Models - 8000gph FiltersCG16000 and CGUV16000 Models - 16,000gph FiltersInterior ViewShown with Clearguard™ Backwash Air Kit (Sold Separately)
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Pondmaster® Clearguard™ Pressurized Pond Filters maintain a clean pond by combining biological filtration with mechanical filtration! This unique pressure filter boosts beneficial bacteria using biological media while, at the same time, polishing water with a reusable filter pad. Easy to install and easy to use, and will effectively lower ammonia and nitrite levels in the water. The integrated UV Clarifier (select models) in Clearguard™ filters controls green water in the pond.
  • A whopping 7 functions! Filter, Backwash, Rinse, Winterize, Empty, Circulate & Close
  • Combines mechanical and biological filtration for optimal pond health
  • Includes slip & barbed fittings
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
Item # Model Capacity UV
Pump Size
(L x W x H)
05610 CG2700 2700gal - 3000gph 15psi 1.5" 16.5" x 16.5"
x 18.5"
05615 CGUV2700 9W 18.5lb
05620 CG5500 5500gal - 6000gph 1.5" / 2" 17" x 17"
x 28.5"
05625 CGUV2700 18W 23lb
05630 CG8000 8000gal - 8000gph 1.5" / 2" 18.5" x 19"
x 35"
05635 CGUV8000 18W 24lb
05640 CG16000 16000gal - 9000gph
3" 24" x 25"
x 40"
05645 CGUV16000 36W 86lb

Features Benefits
Easy to Use and Incredibly Versatile Multi-function valve toggles easily between 7 modes
Dual-Action Biological and Mechanical Filtration Promotes maximum water clarity and overall pond health
Reusable Mechanical Filter Pad Removes fine debris and polishes pond water
Reusable Biological Filter Media Removes levels of toxic ammonia and nitrites
Integrated UV Clarifier (Some Models) Reduces algae that cause green pond water
Includes Slip and Barbed Fittings