Pondmaster® Clearguard™ UV Light Kit
Pondmaster® Clearguard™ UV Light Kit
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The Pondmaster® Clearguard™ UV Light Kit adds the benefit of an ultraviolet clarifier to your existing Pondmaster® Clearguard™ Pressurized Pond Filter. UV light helps control green water and enhances the cleaning action of any Clearguard™ pond filter (maximum of 2 UV lights can be placed in any Clearguard™ unit). Includes UV lamp, high quality quartz sleeve and transformer with 20' power cord.
  • #15610 - 9 Watt UV Light Kit, for Clearguard™ 2700
  • #15620 - 18 Watt UV Light Kit, for Clearguard™ 5500, 8000 and 16000
CG2700, CG5500, CG8000, CG16000, CGUV2700, CGUV5500, CGUV8000, CGUV16000, 05610, 05615, 05620, 05625, 05630, 05635, 05640, 05645, Pondmaster, Supreme, Danner, 15610, 15620, Clearguard,