ProEco IO Series Ionizer - Deliver Clear, Healthy Water for up to 25,000 Gallons
ProEco IO Series Ionizer - Deliver Clear, Healthy Water for up to 25,000 Gallons
IO-1001 IonizerIO-2001 Ionizer and IO-3001 Ionizer
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The IO Series Ionizers deliver clean, clear, healthy water by electronically releasing metal ions into the water. Ionization will dramatically reduce maintenance on any pond or water feature. The energy efficient electronic controller allows for complete control and adjustment of the ion levels in the water feature.

The ionizers use anodes that can be easily replaced and typically last 1-3 years, depending on water quality and usage. Ionizers can be quickly and easily installed on nearly every pond or water feature.

What does an Ionizer do?
Ionizers significantly reduce maintenance and help you achieve crystal clear water without the use of chemicals.  A process known as copper ionization uses a low-voltage electric charge flowing through copper and zinc, causing them to lose an electron, which creates positive ions. Practical Garden Ponds generally suggests that extreme caution be used if using ionizers with fish. However, the manufacturer considers the IO-1001 and the IO-2001 completely safe with fish as long as the copper levels are monitored and the unit is controlled.  

The IO-3001 which includes silver along with the copper and zinc should not ever be used with fish or other aquatic life but is great for water-walls, fountains and pools.

Max Flow Rate 6000 GPH
Voltage 12V
Warranty 2 Years
Features Benefits
Energy Efficient Ionization Process Reduces maintenance, easy to install
Includes Clear-View Tee Allows you to see anodes
Includes Copper Test Kit