ProLine™ PRO5000 Skimmer
ProLine™ PRO5000 Skimmer
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The ProLine™ PRO5000 Skimmer cleans and filters your pond from surface debris and other particulates. With an operating area of up to 500 square feet and a maximum flow rate of 8000gph, this skimmer is built to for effectiveness on medium ponds. For maximum cleaning, use with Clearguard or ProLine Pressurized Filter System.
  • Removes surface debris for ponds up to 500 sq ft surface area.
  • Large, adjustable 11" x 7" weir door for maximum skimming with fish-safe wings
  • Can fit up to two pumps to feed two waterfalls from the same skimmer
  • Large removable debris basket
  • Accomodates most pumps up to 8000gph
  • Fittings for 1.5" and 2" flex tubing
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Maximum Flow Rate 8000gph
Operating Surface Area 500 Sq. Ft.
Weir Opening 11"W x 7"H
Dimensions 24"L x 26"W x 23"H
Weight 18lb
Features Benefits
Strong Ribbed Cylindrical Housing Eliminates cave-ins and anchors the skimmer in place
Heavy Duty High Density Polyethylene Construction Lid supports up to 350lb
Large Capacity Clog Resistant Leaf Basket Keeps debris away from the pump
Capable of Containing 2 Pumps Maximum flows and efficiency
Tall Weir Door Efficient skimmer over a variety of water levels
Versatile Bulkhead Placement Allows multiple inlets and fittings up to 2"
Debris Pad for Ideal Filtration Removes fine particulates and promotes biological filtration