ProLine™ D-I-Y Waterfall Kits
ProLine™ D-I-Y Waterfall Kits
ProLine DIY Waterfall Kit with 700gph Pump (#05250)ProLine DIY Waterfall Kit with 1200gph Pump (#05255)
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ProLine™ D-I-Y Waterfall Kits are perfect for the do-it-yourself homeowner who wants the sight and sound of a fully installed pond without the hassles. These self-contained, recirculating pondless waterfall kits can be used in small spaces that cry out for something extra special. Kits include ProLine™ Filter and Falls, ProLine™ Mini Pump Vault, Pond-Mag® Mag Drive Pump, PVC liner, PVC tubing, clamps and connectors.

Item # Description Pump Vault Waterfall Box Liner Tubing
05250 D-I-Y Waterfall Kit
with 700gph Pump
Mini PRO1000
(8" Weir)
8' x 12' 3/4" x 15'
05255 D-I-Y Waterfall Kit
with 1200gph Pump
Mini PRO2000
(11.25" Weir)
8' x 12' 1" x 25'

ProLine™ PRO2000 Mini Pump Vault
This pump vault features sturdy housing for self-contained waterfalls and streams that accommodate submersible pumps up to 4,000gph and is specially designed to withstand clogs and heavy stones.

ProLine™ Filter and Falls (Waterfall Box)
These waterfall boxes brings a great waterfall filtration to the forefront, with a wide spillway for greater water aeration and large space for filter media. The PRO1000 has an 8" weir, 950gph pump capacity, and 1 gallon water volume. The PRO2000 has an 11.25" weir, 2000gph pump capacity, and 1.5 gallon water volume.

Pond-Mag® Magnetic Drive Pumps
These highly efficient units (featuring ceramic impeller and bearings) are oil-free, efficient and reliable. The 700gph model has a max head of 11' 8" and uses a wattage of 70W. The 1200gph model has a max head of 13' 7" and uses a wattage of 110W.