ProEco Underwater LED Lights - White or Color-Changing
ProEco Underwater LED Lights - White or Color-Changing
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Illumination is a very important part of nearly every water feature. Proper lighting can completely change the appearance and enjoyment of a water feature. ProEco's innovative LED lighting products make designing and installing a beautiful and impressive lighting system simple and easy, and LED lighting can provide energy efficiency and low maintenance for many years to come.

The Underwater LED Light is for underwater use, and has an adjustable base. There are two options: one with 60 white LEDs and one with 40 automatic color-changing LEDs (Red, blue and white). Both are 5 watts, have a 33 foot power cord with transformer (12V AC power), and utilize a 2-pin connection system which can be used with appropriate splitters and/or photocells.

Wattage 5 Watts
Warranty 3 Years
Features Benefits
2 Pin Connection System Can be used with splitters and photocells
Adjustable Base