ProEco Standard Skimmers
ProEco Standard Skimmers
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A Skimmer is an important part of any pond system. By drawing water from the surface of the pond, a skimmer will pull in any floating debris that has fallen into the pond and collect it in an easy-to-clean basket. Removing the debris while it is still floating prevents it from becoming water-logged and sinking to the bottom of the pond and decomposing. ProEco offers several different skimmers which are designed to fit any pond application. The filter includes a filter mat and leaf net, and its removable lid allows for easy access. The SK-150 includes an extra-large basket that requires less frequent cleaning.

SK-100 SK-150 SK-200
Recommended Max Flow Rate 2200GPH 5000GPH 5200 GPH
Skimmer Opening (inches) 7.5W x 6.25H 9W x 6H 7.5W x 6.25H
Outlet Connection 1.5" 0.75 - 1.5" 1.5"
Lid Included Yes Yes Yes
Filter Mat Included Yes Yes Yes
Leaf Net Included Yes XL Leaf Basket Yes
Dimensions (inches) 17 x 14 x 15 22 x 15 x 18
Warranty 5 Years 5 Years 5 Years

Warranty 5 Years
Features Benefits
Captures Floating Pond Debris Prevents sinking of debris that leads to decomposition
Removable Lid Allows for easy access to leaf net/basket