Sequence® Power 4000 Series External Pumps
Sequence® Power 4000 Series External Pumps
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The Sequence® Power 4000 Series has an expansive design that can achieve more than 11000gph at high head pressures, giving it the broadest performance range in the Sequence Power series. Inlet and discharge ports are both increased to 2" with an inner diameter connection of FNPT, and outer diameter buttress threads for union adaptors. Field installations become less burdened, eliminating reducer-fitting and adapter-assembly costs and reducing friction losses in pump systems.

Model 11200PWR81 13200PWR81
Inlet 2" 2"
Discharge 2" 2"
Max Flow 11160gph 13200gph
Max Head 80.8' 81.7'
Max Wattage 2162 Watts 2595 Watts
Max Amperage 9.6 Amps 11.5 Amps
Voltage 230V
Motor HP 3 HP
Motor Enclosure TEFC
Impeller 6 7