Replacement Parts for ShinMaywa Norus Pumps
The following replacement parts are available for ShinMaywa Norus Pumps, though the repair work takes a degree of expertise.  If you need a part not listed below, contact us and we will be happy to check into their availability.

MPN Description Part # Compatible Pump(s)
BL7369-A 20' Power Cord 1 50CR2.15S
L16590-E 32' Power Cord 1 50CR2.25S, 50CR2.4S,
S45702-A Upper Ball Bearing 63 50CR2.15S, 50CR2.25S,
50CR2.4S, 50CR2.75S
S63123-A Lower Ball Bearing 64 50CR2.15S, 50CR2.25S,
50CR2.4S, 50CR2.75S
AN7098-A Capacitor 82 50CR2.15S
AN5679-A Capacitor 82 50CR2.25S, 50CR2.4S, 
1S4606-A Mechanical Shaft Seal 132 50CR2.15S
2S8608-A Mechanical Shaft Seal 132 50CR2.25S, 50CR2.4S, 
C82938-A Impeller 160 50CR2.15S
C82937-A Impeller 160 50CR2.25S
C82911-A Impeller 160 50CR2.4S
C82907-A Impeller 160 50CR2.75S
L16520-B 2" NPT Flange 199 50CR2.15S, 50CR2.25S,
50CR2.4S, 50CR2.75S
C44847-A Lower Pump Housing 206 50CR2.15S
D52743-A Lower Pump Housing 206 50CR2.25S
D52751-A Lower Pump Housing 206 50CR2.4S, 50CR2.75S
A76511-A Oil Gasket 241 50CR2.15S, 50CR2.25S,
50CR2.4S, 50CR2.75S
C60083-A Motor Cover 256 50CR2.15S
C46897-A Motor Cover 256 50CR2.25S, 50CR2.4S,
BL8940-A Motor Gasket 240-1 50CR2.15S
BL8457-A Motor Gasket 240-1 50CR2.25S, 50CR2.4S,
AN0525-B Oil Chamber O-Ring 340-2 50CR2.15S
AN0525-D Oil Chamber O-Ring 340-2 50CR2.25S, 50CR2.4S,