ShinMaywa Norus XP Replacement Parts
ShinMaywa Norus XP Replacement Parts
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The following replacement parts are available for ShinMaywa Norus XP Pumps, though the repair work takes a degree of expertise.  If you need a part not listed below, contact us and we will be happy to check into their availability.

MPN Description Part # Compatible Pump(s)
S45702-A Upper Ball Bearing 63 50CRXP2.75S
S63123-N Lower Ball Bearing 64 50CRXP2.75S
S77873-A Mechanical Shaft Seal 132 50CRXP2.75S
AV3495-A Impeller Gasket 154 50CRXP2.75S
BK2588-A Impeller 160 50CRXP2.75S
BK2540-A Impeller Wear Ring 161 50CRXP2.75S
151S0800 Impeller Nut 177 50CRXP2.75S
A77598-B Impeller Key 190 50CRXP2.75S
161S0800 Impeller Washer 348-3 50CRXP2.75S