Sicce ULTRA ZERO Submersible Utility Pump
Sicce ULTRA ZERO Submersible Utility Pump
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Sicce ULTRA ZERO Pumps are submersible pumps designed for pumping cloudy water without large debris content, for use mainly for domestic applications, such as draining flooded basements, collecting rainwater, water changes, or pumping water in and out of aquariums, water tanks, and swimming pools.
  • Thermoplastic housing will not rust or corrode
  • Easy access handle and removable base for easy cleaning
  • Minimum water depth of 2mm (0.08")
  • Handles soft solids up to 1mm (0.04")
  • Ceramic rotor for pumping aggressive liquids
  • 20' power cord
Model # Name Max
Flow Rate
Outlet Watts Amps
SIC031 ULTRA ZERO Pump 793gph 10.2' 3/4" MPT
(For garden hose)
97W 2.43
SIC011 SIC012 SIC013 SIC014 SIC015 SIC016 SIC017 SIC018