Summit® Mosquito Dunks 6/pk & Mosquito Barrier 32oz Combo
Summit® Mosquito Dunks 6/pk & Mosquito Barrier 32oz Combo
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Summit® Mosquito Dunks & Barrier Combo combines two of the most effective mosquito treatments available: 32oz of Mosquito & Gnat Barrier (a topical insecticide) and a 6-pack of Mosquito Dunks (a biological treatment toxic only to mosquito larvae).

Summit® Mosquito & Gnat Barrier is a residual insecticide (containing permethrin) that provides up to 4 weeks of repellency for a wide variety of insect pests, including mosquitoes, ants, fleas, ticks and more! Spraying your backyard can help reduce suitable mosquito resting areas (usually vertical vegetation) and reduce your chances of being bitten. Spraying down wooded areas that your dog frequents can aid in reducing risk of tick-born illness to your pet and family. Packaged in a convenient precalibrated hose-end sprayer.

Summit® Mosquito Dunks® will kill mosquitoes "before they're old enought to bite!®" Mosquito Dunks® are America's best-selling mosquito control product for homeowners, using BTI (a bacteria toxic only to mosquito larvae). They last 30 days and treat 100 square feet of surface water. Simply apply to standing water, ponds or water gardens and it will start to work within hours! Non-toxic to wildlife, pets, fish and humans. Labeled for organic gardening by the USEPA.