SustainRain® Filter Basin from Complete Aquatics
SustainRain® Filter Basin from Complete Aquatics
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SustainRain® Filter Basins from Complete Aquatics are used for rain garden systems and rain harvest systems. The high-capacity, professional-grade basin is designed to provide mechanical filtration and direct harvested rainwater from the surface of a roof to the SustainRain® storage area. The SustainRain® Filter Basin is installed below ground, easily blending into the landscape. In the event of debris blockage or extreme storm surges, the built-in direct bypass system allows the rainwater to be diverted to the overflow system, away from the building.  

SustainRain® Filter Basins can be installed anywhere in between the downspout coming from the building and the rain garden or rain harvest storage system. It comes complete with all the necessary fittings to connect either to corrugated drainpipe or schedule 40 PVC.

Features Benefits
Constructed of Structural Foam Plastic Strong but lightweight, withstands freeze-thaw cycles
Split Lid Easy inspection and cleaning
Storm Surge Bypass Redirects rainwater to overflow when filter becomes clogged
Large Capacity Settling Chamber Doesn't need to be cleaned as often
High Density Matala™ Mat Filters debris from the incoming rainwater
Weep Holes in Bottom Settling chamber can drain slowly after rain event