TetraPond® Floating Pond Sticks
TetraPond® Floating Pond Sticks
TetraPond® Floating Pond Sticks, 3.53oz (#16354)TetraPond® Floating Pond Sticks, 1lb (#16482)TetraPond® Floating Pond Sticks, 1.72lb (#16483)TetraPond® Floating Pond Sticks, 2.65lb (#16357)TetraPond® Floating Pond Sticks, 3.70lb (#16484)TetraPond® Floating Pond Sticks, 6.61lb (#16488)TetraPond® Floating Pond Sticks, 11lb (#16457)
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TetraPond® Floating Pond Sticks are an ideal maintenance diet that provides nutrition for energy, longevity and overall health. This best-selling food from Tetra® provides quality nutrition for pond fish, with a recipe full of beneficial protein for growth and maintenance, fats for energy, vitamins for health and metabolism and fiber for healthy digestion. 
  • Quality fish food helps keep pond water cleaner and clearer!
  • Highly digestible pellets prevent nutrient waste
  • Designed to soften quickly for toothless pond fish
Feeding Instructions
Feed in spring, summer & fall when water temperatures are 50° F and above. Feed 2-3 times daily, using as much food as your fish will consume within 5 minutes. If temperatures fall below 50° F, use Tetra Spring and Fall Diet instead.

Ingredients: Wheat starch, corn flour, fish meal, feeding oat meal, dehulled soybean meal, wheat gluten, wheat germ meal.

Part # UPC Code Size
16354 046798163541 3.53oz
16482 046798164821 1lb
16483 046798164838 1.72lb
16357 046798163572 2.65lb
16484 046798164845 3.7lb
16488 046798164883 6.6lb
16457 046798164579 11lb