UltraClear® Biological Pond Clarifier by ABI Inc.
UltraClear® Biological Pond Clarifier by ABI Inc.
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UltraClear® Biological Clarifier improves water clarity, cleans water, reduces organic build-up, removes toxic ammonia and nitrite, and removes odors! Fight back against the problems caused by fertilizer run-off, fish and animal waste, dead leaves and grass -- restoring aquatic environments to their natural health and beauty. This environmentally friendly, natural formula is easy to use and safe for fish and wildlife. 

Biological Pond Clarifier is entirely composed of two types of beneficial bacteria: chemolithotrophic and heterotrophic. Chemolithotrophic bacteria (nitrifiying bacteria) are aerobic bacteria that transform toxic ammonia to nitrite, then to nitrate. They also consume phosphates, which frequently cause algae growth. Heterotrophic bacteria digest organic sediment and dissolved carbon, converting nitrate into non-toxic nitrogen gas. Combined, these bacteria reduce toxins and nutrients that cause pond clarity issues.

How Safe is Biological Pond Clarifier?
The bacteria in Biological Pond Clarifier is all-natural, non-toxic and safe for all fish and wildlife. These bacterial species are recognized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the American Type Culture Collection (ATCC) as Biosafety Level 1 bacteria, defined as having "no known potential to cause disease in humans or animals."

Application Instructions
Biological Pond Clarifier can be used for spring prep, general maintenance, or treating problem ponds. This product can be applied during the seasons when daytime temperature is consistently 50 degres Fahrenheit or above. Each ounce of Biological Pond Clarifier treats 2500 gallons.

Desired Use Primary Function Frequency
Spring Prep Reducing toxic ammonia 3 Consecutive Days
Maintenance Maintaining water clarity Weekly
Problem Ponds Remove odor, algae growth, etc 2-3 Times Weekly

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is the shelf life?
    Unopened bottles stored at room temperature have a 2-year shelf life. Once opened, refrigerated product lasts up to 1 year.
  • Is it harmful to humans or pets?
    It is completely safe and non-toxic, as it simply augments naturally-occurring bacteria populations. Do not drink water with UltraClear in it, just as you would not drink pond water.
  • Is it safe for aquatic plants?
    It is completely safe for aquatic plants, and can actually improve the health of aquatic plants!