UltraClear® Dechlorinator by ABI Inc.
UltraClear® Dechlorinator by ABI Inc.
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UltraClear® Dechlorinator removes chlorine and other chemicals from tap and well water that are unhealthy for pond and aquarium environments. Tap water often contains high residual chlorines and chloramines. Well water often contains more metals, or overall hardness, than is healthy for fish. Dechlorinator makes tap and well water safe and healthy for all fish, wildlife, and plants instantly! Use in freshwater or saltwater aquariums or outdoor ponds. Not recommended for swimming pools or in water for human consumption.

How Does UltraClear® Dechlorinator Work?
Sodium thiosulfate, a well-known and safe chemical for such water treatment, neutralizes chlorine and chloramines. Polyvinylpyrrolidones are polymers that promote the slime coat that covers fish gills, improving health. Organic chelating compounds are also included because of their ability to bind to, and thereby detoxify, heavy metals. UltraClear® Dechlorinator also includes compounds that reduce long-term nitrate buildup. While not itself toxic, nitrate can contribute to other problems such as algae blooming.

  • Safe for fish, wildlife and plants when used as directed
  • Contains no phosphates, nitrates or silicates (which cause algae growth)
Application Instructions
The proper treatment level is based on the volume of tap or well water being treated. If you are simply adding water or doing a partial water change, do not base calculations on the total pond volume. Use 8 ounces per 1000 gallons of untreated water. For heavily chlorinated water, dose as recommended, wait for 24 hours, test the water, and reapply if needed. Do not exceed one dose in 24 hours. When used as directed, will not harm fish, wildlife or plants. Not safe for human ingestion, and like any household chemical, should be stored out of reach of children.