biOrb® LIFE 15 Aquarium Kit by Oase
biOrb® LIFE 15 Aquarium Kit by Oase
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The biOrb® LIFE 15 is ideal for keeping small fish or shrimps. It's compact enough to place on a desk or in a small space at home. Everything you need is in one box -- just add water and fish! The biOrb® uses a filter cartridge for mechanical filtration and ceramic bio-media for biological filtration. To maintain your biOrb®, all you need to do is replace the filter cartridge and change 1/3 of the water every 4 weeks. The light and pump are low voltage and both are backed by a 12 month guarantee. The aquarium itself is made from acrylic, which is 10 times stronger than glass.
  • Maximum wattage - 13 Watts
  • 11.5" x 7.5" x 15.8" container holds 4 gallons
  • Weight - 40lb when full
  • UL, ULC and CE Listed
  • biOrb® container - available in white (shown), black or transparent
  • Air pump, airstone and 12V transformer
  • 900g of ceramic media
  • Filter cartridge
  • 5ml water conditioner
  • 5ml liquid beneficial bacteria
  • Option for Standard or Multi-Colored Remote Controlled LED
Multi-Colored Remote Controlled LED Features
  • Select your favorite color or scroll through entire spectrum
  • Automatic setting simulates natural 24-hour cycle from daylight to moonlight
  • Choose from 8, 10 and 12-hour daylight settings
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