EasyPro Economy Aeration Systems
EasyPro Economy Aeration Systems
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Installing an aeration system helps ensures adequate oxygen levels during hot summer months, while maintains open water during winter months in freezing climates, thereby eliminating winter kill. Increased oxygen levels, which help with decomposing organic material, result in a cleaner and healthier pond.
  • Energy-efficient aeration, destratification and circulation water gardens and Koi ponds
  • Reliable linear compressors have few moving parts, reducing need of repair
  • Easy to install compressors sit on shore connected by tubing to bottom-mounted diffusers
Part # Maximum
Pond Size
Air Flow Watts Outlets Cord
Tubing Diffusers
EPA1 800 gallons 4' 0.3cfm 2 1 6' 30' 1
EPA2 1200 gallons 5' 0.4cfm 3 2 4' 2 x 30' 2
EPA4 1500 gallons 5' 0.5cfm 5 4 4' 4 x 30' 4

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